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  • Worked with them to get their 1000+ products migrated to a new POS system.
  • Help them understand how to use the new system.
  • Had very strict deadlines to get everything done.
  • Helped a basic idea grow into a real business.
  • Created ads/promotions
  • Used google analytics/business.
  • They started with no web presence at all.
  • Created a way for them to have online job applications.
  • Had Monthly meetings to keep everything up to date and supplied reports.
  • Used Php and css to edit their WordPress website.
  • Website was not touched for 5 years/Updated current WordPress site to current SEO/Javascript standards
  • Used Analytics to recommend changes for better experiences for users
  • Worked closely with the company to update their website
  • Used WordPress with a combination of html and css to design the layout
  • Had the opportunity to edit something that hundreds of people saw and used.