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Well I have not made a status update in a long time….well here is a update anyway. I am working on a couple of new projects right now and soon you will see the fruit of my labor. I am excited to get these projects live and soon will give you guys a sneak peak …

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Block Destroyer

I am sure one of you wounder full┬ápeople have played a game of brick breaker..well guess what I have made! A game that is kind of close to that game! I have have to different downloads, one for windows, and one for mac users! That’s right! I hope you enjoy version one my “game”! I …

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Just a Update

I just found out that some of the downloads of the game were not functional but do not worry! For I have fixed all links! You should now be able to download all my “fun” games!

Kill Them!

Hello everyone! I know its been some time since i posted something last but I’ve not had the time to get some stuff out for you. I hope this shoot them up game for windows will help that a little bit!    


Just trying out some simple story.


One of my more interesting creations.


Just a simple little shooting boxes game.


Trying out how to make multiplayer games for the first time.

First Game

Oh good memories.