Well I have not made a status update in a long time….well here is a update anyway. I am working on a couple of new projects right now and soon you will see the fruit of my labor. I am excited to get these projects live and soon will give you guys a sneak peak of it. Keep check for updates on these new projects!

Block Destroyer

I am sure one of you wounder full people have played a game of brick breaker..well guess what I have made! A game that is kind of close to that game! I have have to different downloads, one for windows, and one for mac users! That’s right! I hope you enjoy version one my “game”! I plan on adding more level and making it look better later.

Windows Download:

Mac Download:

Number of mac downloads:


Number of windows downloads:



Just a Update

I just found out that some of the downloads of the game were not functional but do not worry! For I have fixed all links! You should now be able to download all my “fun” games!

Kill Them!

Hello everyone! I know its been some time since i posted something last but I’ve not had the time to get some stuff out for you. I hope this shoot them up game for windows will help that a little bit!





So I have just discovered a fast and easy way to put text boxes into my games and here is what i created first!

Windows only of course




Now guys just saying at the start that sometimes I dont make a “game” but a idea that i like or others find odd and this is one of the many examples I have. This version is only for windows. Best game ever:



Well I felt bored today so I just wanted to make a quick game in flash. I hope you guys like it. Just to let you know you shoot with space move with arrow keys and try to get as much ammo as you can! Here is the game and the files:



Well guys and/or girls here is my first 3-D first person shoot-em-up games! It was created in Unity 3-D and sorry but it is only a windows game! Down load here:


First Game

This my friends is my first game ever! It was created in Adobe Flash CC:



Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting my site! Why don’t you check out all my work that is categorized to the right or check what this website is about in “about”!